Problems receiving emails from specific service


I setup emails forwarding on Cloudflare, and it’s been fine for the most part. But recently I created an account on and I got emails from them when I created the account (around 8 days ago). Yesterday I was waiting for an email that just doesn’t come.
Asked on their support chat and they claim the email was sent to the right address. Checked the dashboard and there’s no indication of forwarded/dropped emails (also checked spam folders).
Tried to send an email to that address and it worked without a problem, and it also updated on the dashboard with that email.

Tried to create a new account on a different email (not hosted on CF) and got the email with a validation code, tried to create another account with a different address on the same domain (CF) and didn’t get the validation code.

Would this be a problem on which side?
I’m on the free tier and can’t open ticket on Cloudflare.

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