Problems logging into WordPress

Hi there, I continue to have problems with Cloudflare Free on both my site and my wife’s site. When Cloudflare is active on both sites, I have to log in twice to both websites, however, when Cloudflare Free is inactive on both sites, I can log in on my first attempt. I would like to use Cloudflare Free on both sites, but it is frustrating for me and my wife not to be able to log into our WordPress sites on our first attempts when Cloudflare Free is active. Can you help us to resolve this? Thanks.

What’s the domain(s)?

Hi there,

The domains are and Both of these sites are currently in “inactive mode” for Cloudflare, because of the login problems we were having. I would like to use Cloudflare, but my wife and I have had problems logging in and refreshing the contents to our sites.

Too bad you didn’t get my message in time for me to help. I can’t troubleshoot if it’s not on Cloudflare.

I would be willing to activate it again, for both sites, if you have time to troubleshoot?


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Sdayman, I will reactivate both sites on Cloudflare for tonight and tomorrow. If you can help let me know. Thanks either way. David.

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