Problems Loading My Site

I added Cloudflare nameservers in order to get an SSL certificate for my domain which is hosted on another registrar. Now when I enter the website on any browser or on my phone, half the time I am directed to a page from my registrar that says “This Domain is parked at
I called my domain mint and they said it is a problem with the Cloudflare nameservers as they checked ‘
Can anyone help?

Does your web server have its own SSL certificate? What’s your SSL setting here? (Full or Flexible)

I saw this once before with a site that had multiple A records… Do you have more than one A or AAAA record for the root domain in the DNS tab of your CF dashboard?

I fixed the parked issue- it was because one of my A DNS servers was not corrected . However I am wondering if Cloudflare nameservers are blocking some of the content from being loaded on the site?
One of my pages is blank and the content will not show.

What is the domain?

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Only 1 A record, which I changed to the server where I built my site (snap pages). Half the time it will direct you to the site, the other half of the time, I get this page that says " This Web page parked FREE courtesy of My Domain Mint"

These are the DNS records

Type Name Value TTL Actions
A @ 1 Hour Edit
CNAME email 1 Hour Edit
CNAME www @ 1 Hour Edit
CNAME _domainconnect 1 Hour Edit
MX @ (Priority: 0) 1 Hour Edit
MX @ (Priority: 10) 1 Hour Edit
NS @ 1 Hour
NS @ 1 Hour
SOA @ Primary nameserver: 1 Hour
SRV [email protected] 0 0 443 1 Hour Edit

I went back to the default nameservers in case the Cloudflare nameservers were the issue but that did not resolve any of the problems

If when you went back to the original nameservers (which you are on now) it didn’t resolve the issue, it is unlikely to be a Cloudflare issue.

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