Problems getting Domain routing to work


I have set up DNS records for my website as well as Full SSL handling.
I have updated my registrar with the CloudFlair Domain servers provided during set up at least 24 hours ago and confirms that our domain is pointing to those name servers. However, CNAME entries as entered into the DNS panel are not being used and the ones set up with our Registrar are still being used. (If we add or remove from the registrar then that impacts the routing)
The overview panel says that everything is active.
The DNS panel says that DNS and HTTP proxy are in place .

Any idea why these are not being picked up by the CloudFlair name servers? Is there anything else that needs to be done? We are using SSL proxying using the universal certificate with our hostname per the default.
The SSL tab says that he certificate is active.


Maybe TTL for DNS is high and takes more time to propagate new IP.