Problems (differences) to recognize my CDN (In GTMetrix and WebPagetest)


Since 10/20 on my hosting, they upgraded me to a more modern server (from an Apache to a LiteSpeed).

Until then, everything is fine.

However, since then, every time I test my site in both GTMetrix and WebPageTest, it tells me that…
…“I am NOT connected to ANY CDN”… (?)

Please, does anyone have any idea what could have happened?

From already thank you very much.

PS: Following the instructions of my hosting, I changed ALL the records I had in my Cloudflare, copying (literally) those that appear in my cPanel.
But, the ONLY difference I remember (between what I had and what I have now) is that, before there were some records (A, CNAME) with the gray cloud (DNS Only) and now (in my desire to have EVERYTHING within Cloudflare ), for ALL the Records, I put the little orange flag, heh (That is, the one that makes them appear as…“Redirected by proxy”…)
Could this be the “error”?

Asked here as well,


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