Problems connecting to mail server

Hello, I’m migrating DNS records from my host Media Temple, as their servers are widely being used for spam, resulting in customers like me being unable to deliver mail to a large percentage of the internet.

I’ve followed the steps outlined in the video Cloudflare Community Tutorial - Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues, but I still can’t connect to my mail server. I only have one MX record using “@” for the name, mail[dot]mydomain[dot]com for content, set to DNS only.

I am not aware of any conflicting records, but when trying to connect to the mail server, Apple Mail says “unable to verify account name or password.” I have not made any changes to my mail settings.

Do any of you smart folks have any insight?

Thank you!

Well, the DNS settings certainly sound all right. If it’s a mail related issue, you need to contact your mail provider, though, as Cloudflare won’t be involved here.

What’s the domain?

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Hang on, MX is for receiving emails. You need to make sure the records where you are going to connect to are unproxied.

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