Problems after DNS transfer


Preformatted textHello,
For new year, i decided to transfer my domain name DNS to Cloudflare to have a “better” protection and panel to manage my DNS. After transfering, i switched everything to the orange cloud but there is a problem with the MX record : so it points to and “” points to the IP adress of my server with a A record and orange cloud, i have only one server so everything is on : mail, plex, web and storage… So Cloudflare is showing an alert on the MX record because it can give the IP adress and that’s true because when i do host it gives me something like and then, host gives me directly my IP adress. But host gives my the ip adresses of Cloudflare to hide the real one!
I also tried to set the with a CNAME but nothing changes.
Do you have an idea of how i can solve this problem? Is it just possible?

Your “mail” server DNS entry needs to be :grey:. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email for :orange: servers.

With all services on one server, there’s no way to hide the IP address because of the email issue.

I know that but why it replaces the MX records to something with my direct IP, if it keeps the MX to it will be fine because it’s pointing to the secure redirection.
And I also noticed that some CNAME are showed but they work?!

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