Problems Adding a .tech Domain to Cloudflare

I have a domain that i recently got and wanted to use cloudflare instead of the buggy outdated menu, but the problem is that the default name servers are locked, and there’s no workaround that I have found.

is there any way to “bypass” it?

You can’t bypass it. If the registrar can’t unlock it, I suggest you transfer the domain to a different registrar. If your registrar is from the stone age, you should transfer, regardless.

Ok…you can work around it, but it’s a lot of trouble, and involves setting up a different domain here and pay $2/month to piggyback another domain onto it.

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thanks :smile: i’ll see if i can transfer it.

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sorry for replying, I moved it to a different host, which I use my other domains on, and I was able to do it!
thanks :smile:

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