Problems adding a dot art domain

I an trying to add .art domain to my dashboard and I am getting the error that this domain is not registered. I saw another thread on here about the same issue. So, I contacted my registrar, Namecheap who have double checked that it is registered and verified.

I hope I have put this thread in the right topic, if not feel free to move it.

Cloudflare support, can you please help me? I am struggling to contact you about this.
Thank you.

You are getting the error " is not a registered domain"? Is it a new domain? Does it have functioning nameservers? Can you share the name?

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Yes the name servers are already set to cloud flare. I would prefer to keep the domain name private, but I could message you if that is possible. Yes, it is a new domain. Thanks

If the domain isn’t already on Clodflare setting it’s name servers there will result in this error. Please reread the link from @cloonan it mentioned this specifically

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Thanks. I have removed the cloud flare name servers. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Replace them with the default from your registrar and it should validate

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I have, and it hasn’t. So I’ll have to give it a bit more time.

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