Problems accessing a site that's using Cloudfare

Independent IT guy here.
Recently, one of my customer cannot get to a bank that I’ve found to be using Cloudflare.
After clearing cache, etc., it worked for about half the day & back to problems accessing it.
Today, the problem page displayed as all text, even after refreshing. After a few minutes, it displayed normally, so my next step was to try to log on. After a little while, I was presented with the message i the pic below & after a couple of more minutes, it proceeded to the log in page.
What could be causing this & how can I fix it?
I figured the bank’s IT dept could give me some insight, but couldn’t get past what sounded like a receptionist, who’s advice was ‘There’s probably a setting you need to change…’
Dunno how long this bank has been using Cloudflare, but the problem seemed to have started a couple of weeks ago.
Any advice is appreciated!

Your picture didn’t come through, it seems.

If you are getting a block page similar to

Then, unfortunately, your only way is to figure out a more technical contact at the bank. You might be able to use, but there is no guarantee you will get a response.


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