Probleme with AJAX?

Mon site est sous prestashop J’utilise le module d’avis spmgsnipreview (mais je n’ai pas pris l’option Zen). Dans la search Console j’ai les messages suivants, “Texte illisible, car trop petit et “Fenêtre d’affichage non configurée” dans Expérience => Ergonomie mobile. la Page en question est
et le code source : {“status”:“error”,“message”:“Unknown parameters!”,“params”:{“content”:”"}}

Je ne sais pas si cela est du à Cloudflare ou nonn mais avant d’utiliser Cloudflare, je n’avais pas ce souci Il y a t-il quelque chose à configurer ?
Merci de votre aide.

I am afraid this is not Cloudflare related but comes straight from your server. You can easily verify that by pausing Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right) and taking Cloudflare out of the equation in that way.

One other thing, you are running PHP 7.2, which has been out of support for a year. You should upgrade to at least 7.4, better 8.0.

Thank you. Prestashop don’t turn on php 7.4 or 8 and i m affraid To upgrade my prestashop.

I’ll look for your first advice.

My pleasure. Yeah, pausing Cloudflare should allow you to better debug the issue

As for PHP, I’d update the shop software in that case as there are most likely known security issues with 7.2 at this point.

Actually, your version should support 7.3 as well, however 7.3 is essentially also out of support.

System requirements for PrestaShop 1.7 :: PrestaShop Developer Documentation

Best to upgrade to 1.7.8, as that does support PHP 7.4.

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