Problème de création sous-domaine - URGENT


I have already set up a subdomain in my DNS zone and the VHOST is already created but when I try to navigate on the subdomain, it always puts me a “www” at the beginning of the subdomain that I created.

-I created a dev sub-domain and point to a server with an A record;
-then I created the vhost dev on the server;
-and when I try to access with a browser, it redirects me to
-i put a simple index.html in the directory whose subdomain is pointed;

#CommunityTip error

Can you help me please?

This will be a redirect coming from your server. You need to check your server configuration and remove or adapt that redirect if it is not applicable.

Hello Sandro,
Thank you for your reply.
I still show you the configuration of my DNS zone.

and my page rules:

That redirect does not appear to come from Cloudflare. As I said earlier you need to check your server configuration, this is not a Cloudflare issue.

Many thanks.

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