Problemas para ingresar a area administrativa de wordpress

Tengo asociado dos dominios alojados en GODADDY que hace un año no permite crear zonas DNS para mi pais PARAGUAY, entonces CLOUDFLARE es mi posible solucion

Hoy tengo en prueba dos dominios con sitios wordpress que se ven en su portada, pero no puedo ingresar en su wp-admin, dando error de to many redirections.

ALguien tuvo o puede ayudarme con alguna configuración que necesite agregar en los registros o algo asi=? por favor

Hi there,

I was unable to reproduce the issue on my end, possible due to the fact you have gray clouded all DNS records in both your zones serving WordPress websites.

From what I can see, your SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to Flexible in one of them and Disabled in the other one. This is likely the source of the issue since both your websites are using HTTPs. Please try upping the encryption mode to Full Strict by going to SSL/TLS > Overview and selecting Full (strict), then go to DNS > Records, proxy the records again and see if your issue is resolved.

Take care.

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