Problemas con SSL

  • ¿Cuánto tiempo lleva “autorizando”?
    **24 horas
  • ¿Ha contactado con el soporte de Cloudflare?
  • Si es así, ¿cuánto tiempo hace y cuál es el número del boleto?
    2 horas. #1622344
  • ¿Cuál es el nivel del plan para el dominio en cuestión?
    Plan gratis
  • ¿Qué error, si lo hay, se muestra en su sitio en este momento?
    **La pagina no carga, no puedo ingresar datos, aparece como inseguro.
  • ¿Se ha registrado directamente a través de Cloudflare o a través de un proveedor / socio de alojamiento?
    Directamente a través de Cloudflare.

What is the domain?

Hi @vannabravo, sorry for the difficulty. It appears you have mixed content issues on your site, but the certificate is issued and in place and ssl is active. In Google Chrome, more tools, developer tools, console view you’ll see the errors. Search this site for “mixed content” and you’ll find a lot of detail.

First try, on SSL/TLS app, turn on Always use https and Enable HTTPS rewrites. The second switch may address all of your issues, if not, you’ll need to edit your site.

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Thanks for answering. What should I do with that mixed content? Now modify in crypto. And what should I edit on my site? [](

Thank you, on the SSL/TLS app, if you turn on Automatic HTTPS rewrites, that may help, but it looks like you have script that is being called via http, not https, you’ll need to edit that manually as the rewrites function does not help on that. Here is a tip on mixed content that may be helpful, Community Tip - Fixing mixed content errors.

Here is what I’m seeing in Chrome:

If you click on the load unsafe script option, that will load the script and it may be helpful in pointing out/finding the area of your code you need to edit.

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Perfect, I’ve found where the error is, how do I edit it? Sorry, I do not know much about “html”, I need help, thanks!

Check out the links the support team shared, that has steps on the changes.


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