Problema con reglas de direccionamiento


Hola, estoy creando una regla de redireccionamiento y no me funciona y no se que mas probar, he probado todas las combinaciones posible y no me funciona.

Ocurre algo con CloudFlare?

Mi configuración es la siguiente:*

Forwarding URL Temporary Redirec


That is going to match itself and create a redirect loop. It would be better to create a redirect rule on your web server.


What does “match its elf and create a redirect loop” mean? There are 2 different domains


Correct, the problem is your domain does not have any DNS records associated, so it does not reach any forwarding configuration in the first place.


Sorry, I should have noticed that.


I thought it was the same URL too, took me a second thorough look to realise it was in fact not :slight_smile:


Then what could be the problem?



ainsss, what a mistake. that works for me.

Thank you