Problema com subdominio para apontar para ip:porta

I have a problem to point a subdomain. I configured it, it worked only in parts, I have a service in an ip:port… I configured the subdomain to get it… when entering the subdomain it gets port 80 of the ip and not the port I wanted… and if I put subdomain: port does not work. In Cloudflare I configured the subdomain A for the ip and created an SRV. Can someone help me?

estou com um problema pra apontar um subdominio. Configurei, funcionou só que em partes, tenho um serviço em um ip:porta… configurei o subdominio pra pegar… ao entrar no subdominio ele pega a porta 80 do ip e nao a porta que eu queria… e se eu colocar subdominio:porta nao funciona.
Na Cloudflare configurei o subdominio A para o ip e criei um SRV.

Alguém pode me ajudar?

Non-standard ports are typically specified in your URL on the client side, or explicitly in a link. They are not something that can be returned in an A record or a CNAME.

While SRV records do return information related to ports, they require client software designed to query such information.

If your hostnames use the Cloudflare proxy :orange:, only specific ports will be available.

If your application runs on a non-standard port, the port mapping is usually handled at the origin server, often with a reverse proxy. There are other possibilities, but it is not something that you will solve using a DNS record.


Estava pensando em não usar o IP:Porta porque existem outros serviços em outras portas mas acredito que essa seja a única alternativa.

I was thinking about not using IP : Port because there are other services on other ports but I believe this is the only alternative.

**ip : port with redirect directly because IP stay visible for everyone

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