Problema com Firewall

Hello I am trying a problem with a wordpress plugin.
The WP Rocket is not working properly. He warns that it is because of the Cloudflare bloquerio.

I tried to put the IP in the list to allow it and it still doesn’t work.

Follow the document link
Cloudflare - How to fix Critical CSS Errors - WP Rocket Knowledge Base.

Just to be sure, there are few more solutions and steps how to setup the WP Rocket while using Cloudflare. Kindly, re-check the settings you have and apply as follows in below articles if needed:

To apply the changes, there is some time frame like max. of few minutes to apply the changes regarding Cloudflare Firewall.

May I ask do you have some Firewall events logged?
From which IP address, or better to ask, is that the hosting IP address or the end-user/visitor showing up?
Do you have any other security options being enabled at Cloudflare dashboard or some other Firewall rules which could potentially block the requess?

Furthermore, maybe you need to allow Cloudflare IP addresses to connect to your origin host/server, or ask your hosting provider to check if Cloudflare is allowed.

To do so, kindly follow the steps from the article below:

The Cloudflare IP address list can be found on the below link:

Nevertheless, maybe you need to configure the true IP as a return IP from the visitor?
If so, kindly see the below article:

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I had already done most of these settings and it still doesn’t work.

And about your question I have no event on the Firewall.

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I’m still in trouble. Any ideas how to solve?

Unfortunately, I do not have any other ideas, not even using WP Rocket as much.
But, maybe someone else could see this topic and reply to it with any helpful information.

Otherwise, I could suggest you to try out using :search: search within the terms of “wp rocket” to find out maybe if there was someone else with the similar issue as you are having.

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