Problema com exclusão de dns

Olá, tem 2 dns tipo A e 2 tipo AAAA que não consigo localizar linkado ao meu domínio na cloudflare. Preciso excluí-los pois estão em conflito com outros endereços, o que impede que meu domínio se mantenha vinculado à minha loja nuvemshop

When Cloudflare is enabled on your site and DNS records are orange clouded, Cloudflare IPs are returned in DNS queries for your domain. This is also the case with CNAME records which will return Cloudflare IPs as A and AAAA records. CNAME flattening diagram · Cloudflare DNS docs

If you are unsure you can always turn this off by gray clouding the appropriate DNS record: - What subdomains are appropriate for orange / gray clouds?

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