Problem with zaraz tool and Canva website

I have already linked my domain to Cloudflare
but i cannot use zaraz tool , i connect it and it`s not working
like google analytics 4 , connect but say no data found .

pls help me fast asap.

my website " "

Please read FAQ · Cloudflare Zaraz docs

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I was waiting for your answer :sob:
Pls i know you can help me , How can i text you DM?
DO you have Instagram or whatsapp?

The DNS are proxy , what i do next? Do you have AutoInjection enabled? Zaraz settings · Cloudflare Zaraz docs

yes i did

To install Zaraz with auto injection your Domain need to be proxied by Cloudflare - orange cloud - but Canva does not support any proxy in front of it, so you can not use any Cloudflare feature or functionality - like Zaraz - besides DNS-Only.

This means you can’t directly connect your own domain on Cloudflare with Canva and use Zaraz on your Canva Site.

You can host your Canva sites on Cloudflare Pages using Canva Plugin.