Problem with wp 5.3

I hade to close DNS passthrough my site is Bad gateway 502 and now my CDN is not working what can be the problem?

I have a ton of sites on WP 5.3 and I’ve not seen a 503 error. Those usually originate from the server. I see you’re currently bypassing Cloudflare and it’s working. The 503 error with 5.3 may just be a coincidence.

sorry I wrote 503 it should be

As long as the 502 does not like the sreenhshot in the following article, it’s caused by your server. And most likely not by Wordpress itsef.

It actually works via Cloudflare as well as far as I can tell

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[email protected]:~$ whois | grep nserver


Non-authoritative answer:    canonical name =


Good point. Doesnt even use Cloudflare and yet works via it :smile:

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