Problem with WordPress

Hello everyone, I am contacting you because I am having problems when using the Wordpress administration panel. He doesn’t let me edit or add pages, he keeps thinking once I enter the links and he never finishes solving it.
I tried applying the following rules and I couldn’t solve the problem:

It works very slow and I cannot enter the page of edition and creation of pages.

Anyone know what might be happening?

It worked fine, before applying cloudflare.

Thank you very much

Are you saying that it is very slow? Do you get an error page that you can show us a picture of?

I attach some printscreen.

If you have Rocket Loader turned on in the Speed -> Optimizations settings, turn it off and see if that helps.

Rocket loader is turned off.

El El lun, 29 jun. 2020 a la(s) 20:37, sdayman via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> escribió:

It may be a timeout from your site, as it looks like it takes a long time to load. Just the homepage takes 30 seconds to load above the fold. The offscreen elements take even longer and have yet to finish loading for me. Right now it’s still waiting for Google Analytics to load.

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