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Hello. I am new to Cloudflare and have been trying to use it in the last days to make HTTPS available to my website. But I have a weird problem.

Let me introduce it.

My website is I can access it using my 3G/4G mobile phone connection. The website opens while using the mobile’s browser. Also, if I create a Wifi Hotspot and access it from my Desktop Computer, it will open OK.

The thing starts to get weird with my Home Wifi (ISP). If I change the my desktop computer to use my home Wifi ISP, the site is unreachable. Chrome displays:

“This site can’t be reached: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

If my mobile phone is using my Home Wifi, it also is unreachable.

I tried accessing it from work’s Wifi and also Gym’s Wifi and it is also unreachable.

If I use internet proxies, accessing from other countries it is OK.

My conclusion is: It seems Cloudflare is blocking access from my ISP.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve searched Google and it seems many people is having this problem, but no one is being able to help. Cloudflare staff seems confused. People from Cloudflare community don’t know what to do.

The cloud icon is orange in my DNS configuration, and the website is active using the Flexibe option in Crypto tab (it is showing “Active Certificate” in green). I have also changed my DNS nameservers on GoDaddy. The configurations are OK. In fact, the service is working (partially) because I can access it from 3G/4G and also from internet proxies from other countries.

By the way, I live in Brazil, São Paulo city. My website is hosted at Linode. And my domain is registered with Godaddy.

My ISP is a Brazillian company called NET (

My Cell Phone 3G/4G is provided by Brazillian company Vivo (

Last note: Last month I had problems accessing a website serviced by Cloudflare too: It was very unstable. I couldn’t access it for three days using my 3G/4G connection. I was only able to access it using Home Wifi (Yeah, that time the problem was opposite).


The problem that I have may be related to something simular with what happened with AT&T, but I am not sure:

Link 1:

Link 2:

I don’t know if it is the case, but it is the closest I came for an explanation.


The AT&T article is unrelated. It’s in reference to Cloudflare’s new public DNSresolver. Not your site’s DNS.

How long ago did you add your site to Cloudflare?

It’s more likely a DNS issue. See if you change your DNS server to


It has been 2 days since I set it, and yes, the problem may be related with DNS propagation, although I think two days is time enough.

Changing my connection to use Google’s public DNS solved it on my machine.

But what worries me a little bit is that other users using ISP and that have not changed the DNS server in their machine, these users will not able able to access the website.

I will wait a little bit more, maybe 1 week period to see if it is a DNS propagation issue.


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