Problem with whm

Hello Dears,
I need your help
I have a web hosting business and i am purchase domain from Cloudflare to connect the whm with it.
I created two A record on Cloudflare and name it ns1.mydomain, ns2.mydomain
and put it on whm and make all configuration
the problem is customer who have .com or .net can’t change his domain name server to my name server but customer who have other extension can put my name server.
I need Your help asap

So I’m a bit confused here.

What’s the ns.mydomain for? You change your domain’s nameservers to Cloudflare but unless you are using Custom Nameservers (which is automatic) you shouldn’t need to add your own nameservers.

Are you trying to host your own nameservers for some reason?

yes my name server should used by customers

ns1dot agskycloud dot com
ns2dot agskycloud dot com

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