Problem with Virtual Hosts and A Record


I’ve added an A record with my domain name and ipv4 address which appears to work normally.

If I try to enable CloudFlare DNS then IP address have been masked normally. My problem is CNAME which don’t working…

At the moment, my A record and CNAME works because I haven’t activate the option ‘DNS Only’

If anyone knows about the solution, let me know…

Distro: Debian Stretch 64bit
Webserver: Apache2 with Virtual Hosts installed



Whats the domain and whats the CNAME?

#3 is the A record domain and CNAME is


Alright, did I understand you correctly, you want a CNAME under acn to point to the zougla host?!


Right now they both works normally. That I want is to activate ‘DNS Only’ for A record with current cname without any problem


Well, it should be enough to create under acn a chat CNAME pointing to the zougla address, right?


Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings and explain what you want to achieve?

What I understand is you simply want to create a CNAME chat.acn which points to chat.zougla, right?

Where does DNS only come in? That only means it is not tunnelled via Cloudflare but goes straight to that address.


I do not want to change something, just want to activate ‘DNS Only’ without any problem


All I’m saying is that if I do not change the ‘DNS Only’ it works normally


Well, the problem is it not a CNAME but an A record. Do you want that A record or not? If not, delete it and create the CNAME. I am sorry, but I am really not sure what the issue is. Should chat be an A record or a CNAME?


To work properly, it must set as you see an A record

In this A record have been set the cname from administration.

I don’t know how to analyze it more this issue.

If activating mask dns or dns only, automatically causes problems with these two pages and that’s is my problem


I dont know what you mean by that.

An A record is not a CNAME.

I am afraid me neither. It is still unclear what you want to achieve. What should be an A record and what a CNAME? Could you maybe try to show a little text diagram of how the DNS workflow should be?

Should chat.acn point to an IP address or to a zougla address?


chat.zougla points to chat.acn. Is that how it should be?

So is the issue with chat.acn? If so, what exactly is the issue? Right now it points to a 78 address. Is your issue that chat.zougla stops working once you activate :orange: for chat.acn?


Yes, exactly that is my problem

Is your issue that chat.zougla stops working once you activate :orange: for chat.acn?


Alright, that was a misunderstanding. I thought you wanted to point acn to zougla, not the other way round.

I am afraid that wont work, as only acn is on Cloudflare, the moment you switch chat.acn to :orange: the address of chat.zougla will immediately change as well, but Cloudflare does not know zougla.


Works normally before transferring it to VPS and setup manually Virtual hosts with apache

Before I have Plesk and Just add domain and activate orange button


Perhaps I will have to wait for other answers, thank you again, however :slight_smile:


So, you are saying before the move chat.acn was :orange: and chat.zougla a CNAME for chat.acn and that setup was working?


It’s my fault because DNS didn’t update when Ι tried with Plesk

You have right, the orange button can’t work on

Ιf it is no trouble, I would like to delete this topic because there is no issue, just my fault

I must mention that you showed courtesy with my issue



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