Problem with unauthorised content


Hi, I am a bit at my wits end and my research has brought me here. I used to own a business with a website. I closed the business in 2014 and just assumed (I know, never assume) that if I let the domain name expire, the website would disappear. For some reason a version of my website is still on the web, hosting details being hidden behind CloudFlare proxy.

I am in the UK and according to whois, the domain name is now owned by someone in Florida, why would they leave my content on the WWW.

Please advise, if you can. I know I am a new user and maybe this goes against the new users policy but I dont know what else to do.

Best regards


I can’t really speak to how or why someone might have tried to take over your website and keep it live, but Cloudflare is not a host and cannot remove content from the web. If you would like to file a report of improper activity you can always submit one at