Problem with TTFB

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CF-Cache-Status: MISS occurs and the cause is unknown.

Once I changed my DNS to an origin server and put it back in Cloudflare’s DNS again, TTFB became slower. I think that is because it is not cached, but another site is operated with the same DNS, and that is cached and it has been getting the best performance.

I will attach three types of images, so I hope you can see them.

1.Problem site (origin server)

2.Problem site (Cloudflare server)

3.Sites on the same DNS (Cloudflare server)

Both sites use almost the same plug-ins, and the only difference is the theme. I tried to change the theme of the problem site to see if the difference in speed (not cached) in TTFB is due to the theme, but I did not see improvement in TTFB, and cache was did not.

If the cause is not a theme, is it a plug-in that you must doubt? Or is there anything else that might be a possible cause?

Cloudflare’s Cache Level is Cache Everything at the same settings for both sites.

We look forward to your advice and verification methods.

Requests have Cache-Control: max-age=0.


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Thank you for your reply.

Cache-Control: Does max-age = 0 be the value returned from Cloudflare’s server? Or is it a value offered by the origin server or theme?

That is the request made by my browser (your website javascript) to CF telling CF not to cache the resource.

I checked the file, but there was a description of Cache-Control: max-age = 0 everywhere in javascript and php, and it was not in the theme folder at all.

It was not possible to judge which is affecting many / wp-includes directories etc.

Sites that use different themes are likely to go into a labyrinth because they are cached and cached.

The above sites are cached with the same settings.

This one with cache HIT response has no Cache-Control: max-age=0 in request headers.


In this development environment tool, cf-cache-status: HIT, but Cache-Control: max-age = 0.

What URL is the request/response for?
Here is the reference for my previous posts. Examined request goes under Unspecified end-to-end revalidation.

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I think that it has started reading from index.php because it is WordPress.

However, even with sites that are successfully cached and sites that are experiencing this issue, you can see Cache-Control: max-age = 0 everywhere, so you have to look at all the files to identify what is the cause. It may be necessary.

As I was looking at the file by FTP, the W3 Total Cache and WP Fastest Cache remnants (?) Of the cache plug-in used one or two years ago remained in the “/ wp-content / cache /” directory. All deleted.

After testing, I was able to confirm that the server that seems to be SAN JOSE is cached. The wait time was 128 ms and the fastest in the past.


In addition, as a result of testing on a server of San Francisco near SAN JOSE on, I confirmed that the time of the wait, which was almost 2 to 3 seconds, is 270 to 284 ms.

It was disappointing that I was not cached on the server in Tokyo where I live, but I found that there are places that are cached and places that are not cached.

The rest is to verify why set-cookie: is requested to two places (from two servers), but I am a little tired from this case, so I would like to check from my absence.

Thank you for a lot of advice and tips. Thank you very much @Xaq !

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