Problem with TTFB (slow)


TTFB for is very slow.
I use ubuntu server(16.04), nginx + php 7.1 + RedisCache + MariaDb with Cloudflare Pro plan.
How can I reduce TTFB?


Can you define slow?

From it’s not terrible especially if you are in San Francisco

Typically adding cloudflare :orange: will add a little to the TTFB but that time will be more than payed off for in caching and other optimisations.

I suggest to look at page rules to customise your caching on cloudflare. If more requests are cached near the edge than the request won’t even hit your server. Another optimisation to try is Argo


there is no easy fix for this stuff. you need someone with technical knowledge to dig deeper to find out why, for example if every request to your site go to php it take up 500ms you will need programing skills and knowledge to bring it down(or enable full caching solution) but anyway no easy fix in most cases


I just found this:

From Tuning performance to improve TTFB


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