Problem with transferring domain from namecheap


My domain on namecheap is expiring on Sep 28, 2022. I started transferring domain on Cloudflare on September 5 and paid for the transfer, but still nothing happens. I don’t see any status anywhere and registrar is still set as ‘Unknown (Donuts-NC-1068)’. What is happening?


Hello there,

Please check this document if there’s something required of:

Refer this document since you are a namecheap user:


The first step is to check if the transfer is in progress by checking WHOIS and an invoice in your account for the charge of the transfer (if it is not a UK domain).

Some TLDs like us will start the transfer only after the FOA is approved.

After all requirements are met the domain should complete transfer in 5 days unless it is expedited at the current Registrar.

If after 5 days the domain has not completed transfer please submit a ticket so we can take a look.


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