Problem with Too many requests (Code: 1118) when trying to add bigger amount of domains

Hello, I tried to add a bigger amount of domains with the API, but unfortunately I am not able to add any more - also not possible in webinterface (1118 problem).
Can anyone provide a solution for this?
I would need to check first which names of my list are already in Cloudflare and than add the ones which are not in yet.
I have made a pause of a few seconds after adding each name, to be sure not to exceed the limit.
Many thanks for all your efforts!

You probably need to slow down your requests even more. A few seconds might not be enough. How many records did you add?

I have planned 3000 for first “round”.

Domains or DNS records?

3000 Domains - 1497 items are already “in”.

You should wait more time, you obviously exceeded some limit.

Thanks I tried already contacting support 3 days ago, but unfortunately I have got no response. I think the best would be, when they would add it. It should be much easier for them, and I do not want to exceed any limit.

Well, support wont add domains. You simply need to fall within the limits. If you add them too quickly you will get an error. Just slow down the requests.

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What time is practicable for slowing down? Thanks

Only support can tell you that, but with 3000 domains I could imagine several days or more.

Hello, unfortunately support is not replying since days and there is still “too many requests”. Does anybody know how long it can take to get a reply?

When did you open the ticket? Take the weekend into account.

Around 6 days ago.

Post your ticket number here


Hello, I just searched and I found no one.
1658334 is the new ticket I just openend.

We have limits on the number of pending zones allowed at any one time. If you’ve added dozens/hundreds/thousands of domains you will need to verify/validate pending domains before we’ll allow more to be added/increase the number of allowed pending zones.


Hello, thanks for your information. The problem is that all domains I have planned to list have the same nameserver “group” set.
In total there are around 3300 domains, which I could change automatically in just two little steps costing me seconds.
Otherwise I would have to initiate all manually at registrar by hand.
Would be nice if you see a solution in this way.