Problem with the TXT record

I’m trying to introduce a TXT record into my domain name and it doesn’t appear. I tried to purge the cache on your website ( and I tried to delete the SSL certificate and delete all my CNAME, MX, TXT records. Nothing happens at all when I add my TXT record. There is only the one from the original. 134 IN TXT "ca3-5a1735e90068465fb99609d8e48d03ce "

My CNAME registration points to the cloudflare-ipfs-com server because if I query with dig my domain, the domain points to the IP of cloudflare-ipfs-com.

My MX records are directed to another supplier except that the TXT record is missing and invisible with dig or mxlookup.

I also know that when I go to my domain name in the browser, it goes directly to cloudflare-ipfs-com with page 404 without any TXT redirection.

I have registered as a TXT record and if I use dig and question it, it doesn’t appear dnslink=/ipfs/HASH/

The fault on cloudflare-ipfs-com is intentional

Hi @mon2keywork, the ca- file is related to certificate validation.

This is the only TXT record returned for your zone when querying DNS.

dig TXT +short
“v=spf1 ?all”

However this zone’s nameservers are not on Cloudflare.

dig ns +short

So you would want to update your TXT records there.

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