Problem with the SSL certificate

I have a paid ssl certificate and not a specific one on my site but after adding my site to Cloudflare I activated a free automatic certificate. Now I want to use my paid certificate. What did I do and what steps should I do?

There are actually two connections that can be secured. The one between your site visitor and Cloudflare’s edge, and the one between Cloudflare’s edge and your origin servers. If you want to bring your own :cert: for the front facing connection, you will need to be on a BIZ or ENT plan. However, you can use a Cloudflare :cert: (free or paid) to secure that connection from edge to visitor and potentially use your own :cert: to secure the connection from Cloudflare to your origin. You could then opt for a FULL (STRICT) setup within Cloudflare and should be good to go.

There is some great information in this article:

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