Problem with the loading of our web site root page

We have noticed that there is a problem with the loading of our web sites. This is reflected in the underload of the home root page, as well as in the fact that some browsers do not open the site at all, for example Safari. Maybe sombody met this kind of problem?

Can you send the link, so I can test it?

yes sure, thnx

It loads really slowly on my end. From the looks of it, you seem to have your server sending a nocache header, which would then require every request to go all the way to your origin. This slows your website down a lot, as if your website has too many visitors, it might bog down your origin.

hello, but without cloudflare, everything loads quickly

Yeah, that shouldn’t be happening. Can’t think of why that might be. Maybe mine loads slower because I am farther from the origin than you.

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