Problem with the Denver edge server

I live in Colorado so my connection to my website goes to the Denver edge server. I am experiencing very poor connection quality with this server. My browser will will say waiting for website constantly and it’s hit and miss. Yet if I connect to my website with my VPN from Lisbon all is fine. I even bypassed CloudFlare in the hosts file to make a direct connection to my host bypassing CloudFlare and all is fine. I opened a ticket, got some BS ■■■■ about caching and I told them it ain’t that and I never had a problem before. They marked my ticket as resolved and that was it. Just one email, marked resolved and here I am with a website I can’t even hardly use from my own ISP since I live in Colorado and use the Denver edge server. Further, I was being routed to DFW for a time for what reason I don’t know. Now I’m routed to the Denver server like I should be but performance has been poor.

If this isn’t resolved I’m going with another reverse proxy. Major PITA that I can’t even use my own website with my own IP yet a VPN will work since the edge server is different.

I may have fixed the issue. I removed the Cloudflare Workers script I was using from here: Stop Cloudflare bypassing on shared hosting
and that may have been the issue, though not sure. I’ll see if I still have issues as the days progess. Why it was only the Denver server I don’t know.

I think it was a human response. OS has nothing to do with it as I never had this trouble before.

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