Problem with switching to the nameservers at Cloudflare


First of all I love your service.
Have moved a lot of sites over, but one of them has some problems with the nameserversetting at Cloudflare - thus not making it possible to change to Cloudflares nameservers.

This is the error message I get from my current Registrar - hope some of you can point me to the right solution:

The nameserver is not correctly configured. It has the following NS records in the zone file for

This is not what you have typed in - which is:

The list of nameservers you give us must be idetical with the NS-records from each nameserver on the list.

For .no-domains the nameserver must be set up correctely before the nameserver change can be done. Not all foreign ISPs are aware fo this. Please contact them and have them make a correct zone file for on all nameservers.

Cloudflare returns the Chinese servers as authoritative ones. Have you signed up via some partner? Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings?

I have this now:

I would recommend contacting Cloudflare support regarding the domain in question. And tell them you are having trouble configuring because you are seeing the following:

dig ns +short

Unless you have signed up via some partner (which might explain these nameservers) Iā€™d open a support ticket for clarification at this point. It is not clear why Cloudflare would return these nameservers.


Thank you guys.

I have problem finding where to contact support. Is it via mail or is it a link to the supportsystem somwhere (that I can not find).

best regards,


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