Problem with subdomain


I have problem adding subdomain. I’ve filled the DNS CNAME etc, but what I get in my browser when I try to get into my subdomain is:

Any ideas what is wrong?

So two things.

  1. The domain doesn’t appear to be going through Cloudflare.
  2. The domain appears to work correctly on http, but not https (beyond the cert mismatch)… it appears the problem is likely that the hosting provider does not have a correct map in their webserver for your domain on https.

Hi! Thanks for your reply! Yep, I had to take it back from the Cloudflare, that’s why it is not going through thier server right now. I though maybe I’m doing something wrong with the setup and that’s causing the trouble. It’s strange, because I have other sites on the same server, running through the CF and thei have no problem at all (I don’t have there any subdomains though).