Problem with subdomain www

I have a domain name on Bluehost and now managing it on Cloudflare
The root domain is and it works fine,
But the subdomain doesn’t work
I have created a rule on Cloudflare with permanent forward but it still doesn’t work. Can you help please?

It’s missing a DNS entry. Try this:

“A” Record for ‘www’ and an IP address of set to :orange: Proxied

I have tried that, but now it shows a different error: Error 522

The Forwarder is working for me.

It may just take a bit of time to propagate, or browser caching.

Just make sure your Page Rule is a match for:* with that wildcard at the end so it catches everything.

Thank you @sdayman , yes I added the * and it works fine now. god bless you :grinning:

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