Problem with subdomain not working after activating CDN

I have this domain which Cloudflare works normally, but one of subodmains (even active or not) doesn’t works properly. In the first time, with subodmain active, if i try acess the subdomain, he redirects to the main domain. On the second try, besides that, and with subdomain active on the Cloudflare, the SSL certificate does not work. What can i do?
Also, the DNS record for the subodmain points to the same IP from the domain (is that a problem?).

Please provide a detailed error message.


Your sub domain looks like the fourth level (www) is not covered by the SSL certificate.

Hi, the problem persists on the sub domain, but i don’t get any error messages besides the redirect for the main domain.

The sub domain is only Already deactivated www from the dns records, but nothing changed. There’s any way to make a exception for the sub domain from the Cloudflare?

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