Problem with Stream component and URL

Hi, I have a problem with the Reacta Stream component. When I pass the ID in the src property, the player does not fetch the video itself. The ID is passed from the other component as a property. It looks like this:

First component:

function VideoList() {
  // ... //
  const [videoID, setVideoID] = useState('')

  const seeDetails = (file) => {

  return (
        All video
      <ul className='grid grid-cols-4'>
        { => (
            onClick={(e) => seeDetails(file)}


Second component:

const DetailsVideo = ({ videoID }) => {
  const videoRef = createRef(null)

  const playVideo = () => {

  return (
      <div className='flex'>

All the video data is stored in the database. I also tried in the src property such a notation:

<Stream src={`${videoID}`} streamRef={videoRef} controls />

But in the response the component generates such code:

<iframe src="" ...

When I use the <iframe src={`${videoID}} tag instead of the React component…
Everything works as expected.

I get additional errors in the console:

Source map error:

Error: request failed with status 404
URL source:
URL source map:

[HTTP/2 404 Not Found 38ms]

[HTTP/2 404 Not Found 51ms]

You need to specify the video ID in the <Stream> component like this without in the domain name.

<Stream src={videoID}...

That’s what I tried to do, too. For some reason the id is not passed to the component this way. The result is that I get an empty url just like this one:

I can see in the console that the videoID variable changes its values every time I click in the first component, it is correctly passed to the second component, but for some reason the Stream component is not reading it.

@user5666 to clarify, is the <Stream /> component receiving just the video ID as the src prop like the example shown below? (this works)

<Stream controls src="5d5bc37ffcf54c9b82e996823bffbb81" />

Or is it receiving the iframe embed URL? (this is incorrect)

<Stream controls src="" />

I clarify that I have tried both versions and neither works - either the correct one or the incorrect one.