Problem with SSL renewal


I have my domain via a webhoster and my SSL also with that webhoster.

I only signed up for Cloudflare because I am an artist and use Hypeddit for music marketing.

To use Hypeddit I had to connect my domain to cloudflare which worked brilliantly, also my homepage is up and running, so I was and am happy.

But after some months my webhoster sent me an email telling me they could not renew my SSL-Certificate because I changed my nameservers to the cloudflare ones.

I can dodge this if I change the nameservers back and renew the certificate every 6 months which is a small inconvenience.

Now Iā€™d like to know if there is a possibility to get a free SSL-Certificate via Cloudflare so I can keep it running on auto pilot and if so how it is done?

Best wishes

You need to clarify with your host if you can provide your own certificate. If so ā†’ Origin CA certificates Ā· Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

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