Problem with ssl certificate chaining


I’ve got problem with ssl certificates from cloudflare and certificate from our server. On my server i have nodejs and nginx on backend. I created certificate (full type, not flexible) in cloudfare account and i have .pem and .key files.
Before this we’ve used let’s encrypt certificates. Redirect is not working on nginx and nodejs can’t work with these certificates directly.

How can i make chaining with cloudfare certificates and certificate from my server?

I am not sure about your question. What chaining?

What is the actual issue? You tried to configure your JavaScript application with an Origin certificate. Right? What does not work? Post debugging information.

Yes, i’m using Origin certificate and my server is not working correctly.

SSL error when connecting to SSL received a record whose length exceeds the maximum allowed.


My application based on nodejs (nest.js) and angular.

Thats not HTTPS running on that port, thats HTTP.

Also, port 3000 wouldnt work on Cloudflare.