Problem with ssh on Cloudflare Tunell

Hello everyone !

Like I’m new user, I have limitied to one direct link for the screen. So, I use the site to host the other screen.

I have a problem with the configuration of ssh access from a terminal on a server accessible through a Cloudflare tunnel.

Indeed, I want to access my server via an ssh connection. So I configured a tunnel and an application to enable access via the web browser with Azure AD authentication. As you can see it works:

Step 1: Login with my microsoft account
Step 2: Enter ssh login & password:
Step3: it’s working:

But I try to connect using a classic terminal (Windows). So I followed the documentation.
Here my ssh config file:

and when I type the command to connect in ssh:

the naviagator open it and I have the following error message:

Futhermore, when I set the application policies to bypass, this configuration work but when i set the policy to allow a contry for example, I have the error message.

Thanks for your help !