Problem with SRV record for Exchange email support

My host requires me to add a SRV record in order to use my new Exchange email address. However, Outlook doesn’t seem to get the proper approbation.
Here are the values I’ve used :slight_smile:

Name :
Service :
Protocol : TCP
TTL : auto
Priority : 0
Weight : 0
Port : 443
Target :

I have absolutely no clue what could be wrong.

Please help me.

Thanks a lot


Can you share a screenshot of the SRV record details in your Cloudflare DNS dashboard?

Here it is :

The service field value is :

In fact, the SRV record just seems not being propagated at all :

I am completely lost.


You did well. You almost have it. Change the value in the Service field to only _autodiscover and you should have it.


Thanks for your suggestion. It’s a bit better. Now, Outlook seems to be able to see the SRV record, but it unfortunately stops quickly after that.

When modifying the service field as you suggested, it automatically adds .tcp at the end. There is no way to avoid it.

Also the SRV record doesn’t seem to be replicated, which could be a very good reason for my problem to occur.

Would you have by any chance another suggestion? I also feel I’m very close.

Thanks a lot for your help.


That’s okay. The _tcp segment belongs in the record. The drop down for Protocol will select it.

It resolves for me.

dig @ srv

;; ANSWER SECTION: 148 IN SRV 0 0 443

I receive the same answer from Google’s as well as my own resolvers. This means that the Cloudflare competent is configured correctly. Troubleshooting third-party systems is out of scope for the community. This means there is not really anything more we can look at here.

The Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer has a large selection of tools that might help you. The Exchange Server/Outlook Connectivity test may prove useful. The SARA Client has several Outlook tests available.

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I eventually made it work, thanks to your patient help. I suspect Outlook, even though it is completely up to date, had a slight bug.

Anyway, this is finally the (happy) end.

Again, thanks a lot.


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