Problem with SRV record for Exchange email support

My host requires me to add a SRV record in order to use my new Exchange email address. However, Outlook doesn’t seem to get the proper approbation.
Here are the values I’ve used :slight_smile:

Name :
Service :
Protocol : TCP
TTL : auto
Priority : 0
Weight : 0
Port : 443
Target :

I have absolutely no clue what could be wrong.

Please help me.

Thanks a lot


Can you share a screenshot of the SRV record details in your Cloudflare DNS dashboard?

Here it is :

The service field value is :

In fact, the SRV record just seems not being propagated at all :

I am completely lost.


You did well. You almost have it. Change the value in the Service field to only _autodiscover and you should have it.