Problem with Split Tunnel on Warp

Hello. Often there are problems with the work of Split tunnel. For a reason unknown to me, the settings are reset and there is not a single ip address for exclusion. Restore button does not solve this problem. Due to the lack of ip addresses, the local network and airdrop do not work.

My friend have this problem too. MacOS

Where can I find the location of the file with these settings for later import?

I don’t think there is any file as such. The routes will be kept in the memory and dynamically populated based on configuration on Cloudflare Zero Trust.

I noticed that by changing the routes - it will automatically be populated on the client (Cloudflare WARP).
Saying that - disconnecting the client will remove the routes.

Have you checked any network issues?

If I disable the Warp or add the local address to the exception, then everything works again. The problem is with clearing the list. On an iPhone that is on the same account, the list is not empty. Two device dont synchronize this settings.

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