Problem with Sitespeed Siteground - WPRocket

Dear all,

I hope someone can help me, i have a slow website speed!
My hosting is siteground and for caching i use WPRocket together with Cloudflare CDN.

However, i get often the message that my site speed is slow.

This is what the support from WPRocket told me:

Your score looks just fine. Indeed, loading time could be better, but if you do the same test from another location (London, for example), you will get much better speed -

It looks like your server is located in Europe, so it’s faster when you test from that location. It looks like not all images are fetched by our LazyLoad system, which causes the most of delay. It looks like these images are called from your CDN, which could be a good first step to look for improvements. CDN can slow down loading time in some cases, when CDN server is slower than your origin server, so it would be good to contact CDN support to see if there is anything that can be done.<

What can i do?

The slowest responders in that GTMetrix report (check the Waterfall view) is the content on alicdn. With Cloudflare, you don’t need another CDN. Admittedly, when I test the site from home, that CDN is really fast.

Admin-ajax usually isn’t that slow, but I don’t know what’s going on in those requests. It could very well be part of the WooCommerce process. Regardless of the reason, that script is server-bound and needs to be addressed at the host.

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