Problem with sites that use Cloudflare DNS

I’m just an average user who’s been using Cloudflare’s DNS via my router for years now. About a month ago, I found that during certain parts of the day, some websites that I frequent started having major performance/slowdown issues. This seems to happen around specific times during the day. During an average weekday, the problem typically starts occuring around 4pm CDT. During a weekend or Holiday, it starts first thing in the morning, and lasts all day. However, every single night the problem goes away around 1am.

I spent weeks troubleshooting with my ISP, and so far they can’t figure out what’s going on. I eventually came across a reddit post from a few months back made by someone who was experiencing something similar. So, like them, I ran a program called DNS Benchmark. I ran it multiple times, and when the problem is happening, the benchmark always came back showing Cloudflare as being the only DNS that was less than 100% reliable. However, during the times the problem isn’t happening, the benchmark showed Cloudflare as 100% reliable.

So I changed my DNS to Google, and while the benchmark is showing 100% reliability with them, the problem is still happening. I then used a website to check if certain sites are using Cloudflare. Every site that I frequent that has starting having this problem in the past month uses Cloudflare’s DNS and Cloudflare CDN/Proxy.

I don’t know who to contact or where to go in order to get this resolved. If it would be of any use, I live in D’Iberville Mississippi and my ISP is Sparklight.

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