Problem with site identification by APO

Hello, how can I solve this problem? My site is WordPress and Cloudfler plugin is installed

Cloudflare does not recognize my site as WordPress !!

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Hey There,

Apologies you’re experiencing issues with APO detecting Wordpress. There are a few known reasons for this along with respective fixes:

  • WP plugin version before 3.8.2 is installed (we need 3.8.2 to detect plugin), remedy - install 3.8.2.
  • WP plugin version 3.8.2 is installed but existing caching plugins returned stale responses (without cf-edge-cache header), remedy- enable APO from WP plugin, purge caches in other plugins
  • WordPress only runs on a subdomain, we check for WordPress and WP plugin against the zone’s root domain. Remedy - liberate subdomain zone and run APO.

Let me know if the above doesn’t help and we’ll look into it for you!

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