Problem with site css when cloudflare on


Hello, I have problem with site css when cloudflare on site displayed incorrectly, when I start development mode it’s ok. How to fix this problem?


Development mode disable cache.
CSS is auto cached by cloudflare when it is on, try putting “.css?newcache0x” in your html tag, where X you add +1 everytime you change something in your CSS file, so it will create a new cache.

< link rel=“stylesheet” href="…/bootstrap-3.3.7/css/bootstrap.min.css?newcache01" >


I’m having a similar problem

Since today, some of my CSS, JS & PNG files are not loading anymore. When I open development tools in Chrome those files give a 522 response code.

It also doesn’t work when I’m in development mode.



Is your rocket loader / auto minify enabled?
Try to disable it, then purge the cached (also on your browser)


Hi @mamakeizhablog ,

No Rocket loader and auto minify are both disabled. I’ve purged the cache and browser cache also, but the problem still exists.


What’s interesting is that when I try to view a resource such as

I get a 502 from Cloudflare. Have you tried to :grey: your site to see if the problem goes away?


Hello, greetings. I have drawbacks with .scss files, since I am not updated. I’ve waited a long time and still nothing.


What’s the URL? What problems? And for how long?


Hi @sdayman, thank you very much for replying. I could see that my file was updated over time. Is it normal that it takes a while to update?


That’s a cached file. It’s not a file that should update that often, so Cloudflare typically keeps a cached copy of it for a period of time. I don’t remember how long it typically is, but a couple of days sounds reasonable.