Problem with setting page rules

Hello friends, this is my first time asking the community for help, forgive me if I do something wrong.

I have a website, and I need to make sure that when visiting the link, the user is redirected to

I added page rules, but when I go to I get the error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. As far as I understand, needs to be added to the DNC, but where should its IP address then go? To the original domain? I just need to do a redirect.

Thanks for your help, happy holidays

(Better to use as a dummy domain in posts).

For the DNS, use a dummy record if the subdomain is just for redirect. Either A or AAAA 100::

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I’m facing a problem. It seems like I have configured everything as needed, but when I go to, the error ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT appears. “Unable to access the site, The site has timed out waiting for a response.”

I have attached screenshots of my settings, please tell me what could be the problem?

The eu subdomain A record needs to be proxied, not set to “DNS only”, so the request passes through Cloudflare. Sorry, forgot to add that before.

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