Problem with rendering in Google Search Console

Hi there.

I have some issue with Fetching&Rendering in Google Search Console. Let me show you the screen:

I’ve checked access for the Google Bot and see 403 response code

Could you please recommend me what I need to do on CDN for opening access for the Google bot and getting 200 response code?

Thank you in advance!

The problem here seems to be your CDN. You might want to contact the people over at Kinsta.

Thank you for reply, Sandro. How can I do that?

I presume you are a customer of them, are you not?

Yes, but I don’t see how to do that in Cloudflare account. Should it be in customer Kinsta panel, what do you think?

Cloudflare does not appear to be involved here, so yes, you’d need to contact them via their own control panel. I guess that would be

Thank you so much, Sandro! I’ll try to do that.

Provide them with the same screenshot. From that screenshot it appears to be quite clear that Google cannot load files from their servers for some reason.

Yes, definitely.

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