Problem with phishing

Hello my name is Gonzalo, I have a problem with my website because it is marked as phishing. I put “request a review” and I get the error:

Error Code: 10003. Status Code: 500, Error: failed to parse response from GetRpats API. invalid character ‘<’ looking for beginning of value (Code: 10003).

May I know what is your website?

You can create a ticket with HAR file that demonstrate the error when you try to click Request a review:
How to generate a HAR file

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Hi gureisu_cf I had to remove my website from Clouflare temporarily. Because it was displaying a message about Phishing and I didn’t want that message to worry our customers or affect our reputation. This week I will possibly put the website back on Cloudflare.

Before using this service we received many attacks on our website built with Wordpress and hosted on Godaddy, and when we used this service the attacks decreased.

We will first check for any existing breaches on our site and then go back to using Cloudflare.

Thanks a lot for your attention gureisu_cf!!!

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